Pyramid or Pillars
Women in Cultural Policies

Breaking Open the Culture-Gates

Role models in schools, universities, academies and conservatories are keys to help promote studen…

Recognising Diversity Through Increased Visibility of Female Artists

Considerable attention and effort is required to increase the visibility and "value-perception" of w…

Responding to Changing Working Practises of Artists

The concept of an artist as an individual "genius" who continuously strives to become famous conjure…

Balancing Targeted Public Measures to Bring About Transparency and Recognition

Many female artists are not in favour of gender-quotas, because they do not want to be treated as a …

Monitoring and Studying Gender Equality in the Cultural Labour Market

Mainstreaming policies are aimed at changing the gender balance through accompanying and proactive m…

Reconciling Professional and Family Life

Many women are consciously choosing not to have children because in many European countries there ar…

Human Resources Agenda

Diversity through Equality in European Cultural Labour Markets

Based on Recommendations from the 2nd European Expert Meeting Women in Arts and Media Professions 30…

Policy Building Criteria for the Future

Based on Results of the Background Paper, "Women in Cultural Policies"

Prepared for  the UNESCO Intergovernmental Conference "The Power of Culture", April 1998 Five …

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